5 alternatives to Facebook for mobile

5 alternatives to Facebook for mobile

Facebook has always been one of the most popular social networks. This is something that cannot be denied. It is also undeniable that the interest in it is not going through its best moment, just as it is undeniable that its mobile application eats up the battery excessively. It is not surprising that it always appears in the lists of applications that consume the most battery power.

5 alternatives to Facebook for mobile

However, if you belong to the user base of this social network, then you might be interested to know that there are third-party apps with which you can maintain functionality. Some of them don't even include ads and are certainly not as bloated as the official app. Of course, it must be borne in mind that any important news will appear in the official app first and alternatives will have to try to catch up. Anyway, let's review it.

- Facebook LCR

It is a modified version of the official Facebook app. What has been done is a large part of it has been removed: goodbye to ads, recommendations from people you may know and some other little things moved to the trash. Since it is a personal project, it may not work on all phones so the only thing we can tell you is to try it out and see how effective it is.

- Folio

It is basically a web browser that only connects to Facebook. Therefore, the user experience is very similar to connecting to the social network from your own browser. It is noticeable that it is not the same as using the official app, but that is to be expected. Folio contains ads, but by paying a small amount for the app you can get rid of them.

- Friendly Social Browser

This app is one of the latest to join the fray, offering support for Facebook Messenger, the ability to customize your news feed, and much more. It is also worth noting that it supports Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Medium, Pinterest, Reddit, TikTok, Quora, and Tumblr.

- Simple Social Browser

The functions of this application are very similar to those of Folio. It has all the basic features: interacting with posts, uploading photos and videos, and support for Facebook Messenger. You can customize the colors in which you'll see your news feed, too.

- SlimSocial for Facebook

It's free and without ads, basic in its features and functionality (it lets you do everything Facebook does), in short, the ability to access what's needed at the right time. Without additional ads and the option to reduce mobile data consumption by restricting image uploads.

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