A report on super Artificial intelligence

A report on super artificial intelligence

Research on artificial intelligence

Throughout history, humans have been searching for an invention that can simulate the human thinking pattern, an invention that stands the world baffled by its intelligence, and it is worth mentioning! Many artists, writers, filmmakers, and game developers have found a logical explanation for the concept of artificial intelligence. For example, in 1872, Samuel Butler spoke in his novel "Eriohon" 1872 about machines and inventions and the enormous role they will play in human development and the world's transformation towards development. and boom.

artificial intelligence
A report on super artificial intelligence.

Over time, artificial intelligence appeared only in science fiction, sometimes highlighting the potential benefits of artificial intelligence to humanity and its bright human aspects, and sometimes highlighting negative expectations about it, and portraying it as a fierce enemy of humanity trying to usurp civilization and control it.

And in 2018, artificial intelligence became a reality that people saw with their own eyes, not a fantasy! In dreams! And it no longer just has a place in the realm of pop culture, 2018 was a huge shift in AI. The technology has come such a long way in reality that it is a vital tool at the heart of every industry.

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Definition of artificial intelligence

What do we mean by artificial intelligence ( Artificial intelligence )? They are specific behaviors and characteristics that are characterized by the specifications of computer programs, which qualify them to simulate human mental capabilities and forms of work, and among the most prominent characteristics that characterize it;

  1. The ability to learn new
  2.  Quick conclusion.
  3. Reactions to unprogrammed actions.

It is worth mentioning! That artificial intelligence is manifested in a number of different patterns, which are;

  1. Robots that are able to talk to customers and solve their problems.
  2. Use it to analyze a lot of important information, to improve and develop scheduling.

We note that artificial intelligence is very much related to thinking deeply and deducing the best compared to its connection to a job. Robots, which are examples of artificial intelligence, enhance human capabilities and push them to produce the best.

History of artificial intelligence

The history of the discovery of artificial intelligence dates back to the year 1940 AD, when it was discovered by the Greeks and philosophers, and this topic was studied extensively by (the existence of artificial intelligence) in the world, and that was in the (communication) school, which is considered one of the intellectual schools, so that one of the learners there prepared a paper Research on a special robot for thinking and capable of imitating the way these robots imitate the thinking of a human being, and that was in the year 1950 AD.

And since the passage of time and the development of modern science, the industrial development had a share of attention and care, as many researches related to artificial intelligence were transformed into distinguished services in various fields such as (news retrieval service, doing marketing through electronic stores on the Internet, providing financial assistance, providing Excellent customer service, answering telephone calls) and other various areas to provide the best services to humans.

This was the most important information about artificial intelligence, now we move to know the importance of artificial intelligence in our lives.

The importance of artificial intelligence

The importance of artificial intelligence lies in many different areas in our daily lives, which many people are ignorant of, and among the most prominent benefits of artificial intelligence are the following;

  1. Artificial intelligence programs have been taken advantage of in the automotive industry, so that the self-driving program from Google uses artificial intelligence technology, as Uber relied on, for the purpose of reducing accident rates.
  2. Amazon, which is one of the largest electronic stores, also relied on artificial intelligence programs, for the purpose of obtaining a picture of consumer behavior in the buying and selling process.
  3. The Facebook platform also relied on the use of artificial intelligence to detect any breach.
  4. Develop business tools and software.
  5. Increase in business efficiency and speed in its implementation process.
  6. Upgrading companies to the highest possible levels.
  7. For the field of medicine, we note that; Artificial intelligence improves (clinical) workflow.
  8. The ability of artificial intelligence to predict newly acquired diseases.
  9. Artificial intelligence applications provide a lot of services in  mobile phones .

This is in addition to many daily areas in which artificial intelligence applications work, develop and try to provide many distinctive services to humans.

Types of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence varies for several types, which are;

  1. Reactive machines.
  2. limited memory
  3. The theory of mind.
  4. Self-awareness.

artificial intelligence problems

Although there are many distinct advantages in the applications of artificial intelligence, there are some disadvantages that should be noted, and among the most important problems of artificial intelligence are the following;

  1. Artificial intelligence applications are very expensive.
  2. Limited experts and inventors in the field of artificial intelligence.
  3. You cannot transfer information from one task to another.
  4. Artificial intelligence applications require a lot of great technical expertise.

It is true that these defects are available in artificial intelligence, but this does not mean at all that artificial intelligence and its applications have no basis in our lives, as many of the great works in our lives depend on artificial intelligence.



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