Affiliate Marketing 2023 How to make money online through affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing 2023 How to make money online through affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing  is  one of the most effective ways to advertise and make money online through a suitable product or service. This type of advertising will compensate the internet marketers who signed up as affiliate partners under your program for bringing traffic to your site and converting those visitors into customers.

Affiliate Marketing 2023 - How to make money online through affiliate marketing

Discover with us the basics of commission marketing on Marketing Arabia, and how to create a successful e-marketing strategy to help you reach your audience and increase sales. 

Is the profit from commission marketing worth it? 

Is commission marketing still profitable to this day? We all know that profit from affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing is one of the first ways to profit from the Internet, and one of the most prominent methods of e-commerce, and it is still going on until now. Rather, it has evolved with the development of the Internet and the updates and sites based on it, and many people depend on commission marketing as a side or primary source of income.  

However, this type of work remains important, as you can start it with good capital, which will later enable you to start your own project and earn thousands of dollars with ease.

 Follow with us, dear reader, in this article, a simple overview of explaining the profit from commission or affiliate marketing from home and how to start with it, as you can work from anywhere, even while you are sleeping.

What is affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing appeared as one of the mini-commerce methods before the advent of the Internet, when some people sold a product or commodity that one of the merchants did not own to consumers and promoted it to them in return for a commission.


The same thing now applies to the commission marketing program, where anyone can earn money and commissions in return for selling and promoting products or services that they do not own, but they only promote them.

And it got easier with the development of the internet and technology and affiliate marketing became a field by itself for trade, as spending on commission marketing increased and the affiliate marketing industry is set to grow to nearly $13 billion in 2022 and $15.7 billion by 2024 so you can really be A successful individual in it with ease.

How affiliate marketing works 

Affiliate Marketing 2023 - How to make money online through affiliate marketing

Commission marketing is an e-commerce process that takes place through four parties:

  • Merchant or Advertiser : It is a person or company that displays products or services on the website of the advertiser, and this party takes care of preparing, shipping and storing the product.

  • Affiliate or intermediary company : These are the sites that act as an intermediary between the merchant and the marketer in order to exchange benefits, and the consumer takes action through them and purchases the product.

  • Marketer : A person who promotes products to push the buyer to take action to purchase the product on the advertised company’s website in return for a certain commission that is announced by the marketer. 

  • Consumer or Buyer : He is the person who buys products through the marketer’s link because he needs this product, which will benefit him according to the product or service.
The marketer subscribes to the affiliate program on the intermediary site, to obtain his own affiliate link that he uses when marketing products on his blog or on one of the social media platforms. After that, he gets a certain commission that may be a percentage according to the price of the product, or he may get a code that the buyer enters to take advantage of the offers and discounts on the site and the marketer gets his commission.           

And the commission profit system does not require the sale of physical products only, such as Amazon  and  Noon ,  but also the promotion of digital products such as  Click Bank  , services and perhaps views, or the completion of any process such as subscribing to the site or registering an e-mail for the benefit of the advertising company. 

Also, anything in which there is an exchange of benefit between the advertiser, the marketer, and the affiliate company. Because of this, many companies and websites appeared, some of which are specialized to be mediators between the seller and the marketer, including sites for selling products. However, it allowed marketers a way to promote advertisers' products in return for a commission of a certain percentage. Amazon is one of the first companies to start commission marketing.

How to profit from affiliate marketing 

According to my own experience, the actual steps to start profiting from affiliate marketing are:

  • Determine the area to which you will be marketing 

Determining the type of field that you will market to comes from the first things, because affiliate marketing includes several areas for marketing its products, such as, the technical field that includes phones, computers and their accessories, the home field, clothes, or children and mothers’ needs, and accordingly, defining the field is important. 

Because through it you will determine the platform on which you will work on the Internet, the target audience and many other factors, so among the most important things that will help you determine your field:

  • To be among your interests or passion, in order to ensure continuity and permanent production at work, and this is all that is required by commission marketing exactly, or it may be within your field of work or studies, and we have seen many people who are interested in the field of beauty, for example on a communication site, they are marketing beauty and care products .

  • If it is a profitable field, the profit is a primary goal of joining this business. On the other hand, it should cover the amount of your effort and time that you spend in commission marketing for it, or cover the cost of advertising campaigns if you are going to use the paid method.

  • That the product is able to solve a problem, as we know that the customer prefers to buy products that help him and provide him with a solution to a problem more than obtaining other products, and you can discover this by trying the product and marketing it with commission and studying the target group and customer behavior and analyzing competitors to study weaknesses and strengths in the business .

  • Determine the platform you will be working on 

After we have determined the field that we will promote, we have to determine the appropriate platform on which you will build the furniture stone for the actual profit from commission marketing continuously, and the most important factors that will really help you in choosing the appropriate platform is the quality of the target audience and your skills on that platform, which also has a big role and from these platforms :

  • Blogger or WordPress 
  • Electronic stores 
  • Facebook 
  • The YouTube 
  • Instagram 
  • snap chat 

You may be skilled in making videos to convince customers of the product, or you may be a professional in Facebook or Instagram marketing, or your chosen field may be more popular with Instagram users, such as accessory marketing, which is preferred by the teenagers who are more present on it. 

You can also use several platforms in commission marketing for the product. This will provide you with diversification in all forms of written and visual content such as photos, videos and posts. Marketing for each platform will be explained separately in our upcoming articles.

  1. Content Creation 
After the spread of content marketing and its importance in the marketing process to attract the target audience and interact, creating attractive content in your field has become one of the most important steps for commission marketing. 
  1. Add your affiliate link 
Where the customer clicks on your link to obtain the product, then it is transferred to the affiliate platform, which takes all the necessary data from it to complete the purchase process and calculate your commission.

The tools you need for affiliate marketing 

After taking the previous steps, now we need to start implementing the practical steps for affiliate marketing, some tools that make the task easier for us, and make marketing our products more effective and successful. 

It does not matter if you do not know how to use it at first, you just have to start and you will gain the necessary experience in using the appropriate tools. Of course, there are many e-marketing tools, but the most prominent tools that you should use to achieve a return from affiliate marketing are affiliate marketing:

1.  leadpagesl

It is a great tool for creating landing pages which are very important for affiliate marketing. Landing pages are a web page that is created for a specific purpose, such as purchasing a product, registering for a specific course, or completing a task. 

The importance of these pages to the affiliate marketer is due to the fact that through them he can collect customers’ email to be used for email marketing later. 

It also converts customers to the intended site, as it helps to convert the customer from a visitor to a buyer, and this tool allows LedPage to create a landing page with many advantages.

2. Google analytics

Since most affiliate marketers have their own websites, the Google Analytics tool is very necessary because it will give you analytics about your site, such as the number of visitors and their sources. In order to invest more in these resources and improve your site to suit the search engines to get the largest number of visitors and keywords that visitors search for on your site for free, it is provided by Google to help you only.

3. Google Search Console

This tool is also important and provided by Google as well, but it differs from the previous tool in that it tries to improve the search engine experience for your site and not the user. It gives you analyzes about technical problems in pages, links, and site speed, and gives you a detailed report on the keywords that lead your site in search results and click-through rate. On your site, which are very important things for the site and affiliate marketing, commission marketing.

4. Hootsuite 

Since social networking sites are indispensable in commission marketing, some sites even depend on these platforms for their visits, through which they can attract the right customers. 

So the hoot suite tool allows you to publish posts on social media and schedule them at the right time, and it also gives you the most interactive time to publish your content.

5. Canva 

Since visual content is very important in all marketing processes, with the Canva tool, design without a designer for all the images you need for the site, social media, or even email newsletters, as this site provides ready-made templates for design and works on any device, so it is considered an essential thing in the marketing process . 

6. Semrush

Since analyzing your competitors and target audience is one of the most important things for the success of your affiliate marketing website, Seamrush comes out on top. When it comes to this, it also allows you to know the appropriate keywords for search engine optimization, and it is an easy-to-use tool and there is a free plan and a paid plan with better features. 

7. Affjet

The task of this tool is to save you time and effort as an affiliate marketer, where you can collect all the commission marketing data and platforms that you use in one place and follow up on profit, conversion rates and numbers, and it is a free tool 

8.  Muncheye

Similar to the previous tool, this tool collects all offers and products of affiliate sites in one place in any field you want, and gives you all the new events in the field, trends and popular products in any field. And not only that, but also guides you to the source of this product and how to subscribe to its affiliate, which is a free tool 

9. mailchimp

A very important tool for email marketing  , which is very important, especially for affiliate marketers. There is a free plan to create 2,000 emails and send 120,000 emails. 

The pros and cons of affiliate marketing 

Like any business, commission marketing has pros and cons that you should read if you really want to join this field:

Advantages of affiliate work:
  1. Low cost, which means that it is one of the projects that you can start without capital or very small capital, such as hosting a website, preparing advertising campaigns, and so on. 
  2. No risk This means that you are not charged with manufacturing and storing the product and incurring exorbitant costs that may not bring you a return on profit sometimes, as you are here promoting the product or commodity only. 
  3. Access to foreign markets where you can sell a product from a global platform in a country other than your own. 
  4. Commission marketing brings you good profits if you actually succeed in it, as you can work with more than one company at the same time and diversify the product network. 
  5. Ease and flexibility where you can work from anywhere and at any time as long as you have the Internet and this is what brings you a good passive income 

Cons of affiliate marketing:

  1. High competition: The competition in this field is very strong because you are competing with the main company of the product, the affiliate company, and many affiliate marketers who market the same products in the same ways, so you must make a great effort to succeed in it and have a distinctive marketing style. 
  2. Not building a brand: or not building your own customer base because you are shopping for other companies’ products and on the affiliates’ website, and this means that some customers may not return to buy from you or know the requests, so you should build a mailing list of customer emails through the landing pages that we mentioned in The highest to include the largest number of your customers 
  3. Perhaps commission marketing does not require a lot of money, but it really needs time and effort to reach and succeed in it. Choosing the right field, obtaining the target audience and experience in successful marketing operations all take time to bear fruit and may fail several times. Until you find the way to success in this field, experience also plays a role, so start learning now.
  4. Lack of control over the product, prices, commissions, and profits, and this will make the marketing process a little difficult. But the successful marketer knows very well how to sell his approach despite the challenges. 

After we mentioned the pros and cons of affiliate marketing  , you need to think carefully before you start. This does not mean that you should not enter this field, but you have to be determined and ambitious, and take this field seriously as a work that requires commitment, time and effort in order to reap its fruits. So commission marketing is a side income especially in the beginning.  

In conclusion, we must not forget that there are many people who have succeeded in profiting from the affiliate and are still continuing, by developing a solid marketing plan and continuing to work in it.  

And we have put in this article for you the first steps to start with, and this interesting field will be explained in the best upcoming articles, to help you more profit from affiliate marketing. Follow us on our Arab Marketing blog, where Arab marketing takes place with a new concept, and do not forget to subscribe.

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