Can an investment property receive a HELOC?

Can an investment Property receive a HELOC?

Sufficient equity in your investment property puts you in a position to obtain a home equity line of credit for debt consolidation or even the purchase of a new property. A home equity line of credit can provide the most cost effective source of cash.  It is possible to obtain a HELOC.  However, it comes with stringent qualifications, which may push you to other alternative options.

Can an investment property receive a HELOC?

HELOC qualification requirements

With HELOC, your property acts as collateral.  It allows you to borrow against your investment holdings and get cash as needed.  HELOC can be for both investment properties and primary homes.  HELOC on investment real estate is more complex than HELOC on investment.  This is because investment properties have a higher risk value than the initial value, which is why lenders choose to forfeit the initial homes.  Lenders charge higher interest on investment properties due to its higher risk value.

A primary HELOC home has a credit score of 620 or higher, while investment properties have a credit score of 720 and above, making first-owner homes an easier option.

Find a lender

It is difficult to find HELOC lenders on the investment property market.  Now that you qualify for an investment property HELOC, you should save yourself time searching for a property.

Where to find HELOC lenders

Real estate forums  Online forums on social media platforms and websites contain the best ideas on where to get investment property lenders.

banks;  Some banks offer HELOC offers.  Check eligibility with local banks or credit unions in your area and on the Internet.

 Mortgage brokers  brokers are ideal when shopping for a HELOC. They have a wide range of lenders who deal with real estate investment.  Don't settle for just one option;  Weigh it against at least three to five lenders, comparing the fees and rates that come with the loan.

 You have the option to apply with multiple lenders as long as it does not affect your credit score.  Working with multiple lenders allows you to compare rates before settling for the most reliable rates.


If you don't have a clear winner, contact the best lender of your choice and ask for a better offer.  Telling them about other competitive lenders is a great way to get a deal.

Other real estate alternatives to HELOC

If you don't meet this investment property, there is a friendlier option you can work out at what's equal to the value of your land and property.

PRIMARY RESIDENCE  The primary residence HELOC has better interest rates compared to investment properties due to its lower risk value.  With a residence property, cash reserves may not be required compared to an investment property, where six months of coverage is required on rental properties as proof of long-term tenants.

Cash refinancing is limited to 80% to 90% of the equity in your property.  They have lower rates compared to Hilux.  It works by exchanging the current mortgage for a new one for an amount greater than what you currently owe to your lender.  However, there is a risk of foreclosure if you cannot pay.

Unsecured Personal Loan  Personal loans have no collateral and depend entirely on your credit score and financing.  Most offer a zero down payment with same day loan offers.  However, the interest rate is higher than HELOC.

home loan equity;  The value of your property is eligible for a home equity loan.  You can get a loan if you have enough equity in your property.  They offer some cash back with fixed interest rates and premiums.

Note:  The HELOC interest rate can be higher if the value of the property decreases over time.  You will end up paying more money than you owe.

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