Create a website in simple steps in 5 minutes

Create a website in simple steps in 5 minutes

Learn to create a website step by step

Do you want to learn  to create a website  , but you do not know how? Do you have any information about the requirements for creating a website? Have you created a website before, but failed?! If you, dear reader, want to create a website in easy and quick steps, we advise you to read this wonderful article, which is entitled "Creating a website in very simple steps that will not cost you more than five minutes", continue reading to benefit.  


Before addressing the steps of creating a ( website ) or a website, we must know what exactly is a website??

Definition of the website

Is a collection of files and related resources that can be accessed through the World Wide Web, where these files and resources are organized and grouped under one domain name (domain), and the files that can be found on the website vary by document, image, text and other files, The site name does not indicate that it is located in a specific physical location; Website (website): located on so-called web servers, which are physically distributed all over the world, and the website can be made up of a single file (HTML) or thousands of related document (files) configuration.  

It is worth mentioning! That the link to the site is entered in the address bar of the browser, to go to it, and it is known that the electronic platforms are; Owned by an individual, company, or even a specific organization, that manages these digital platforms to the fullest.

Well, this was a simple overview of the "website." We now move on to the components of a website . Dear reader, continue reading.  

Website Components

Home page.

Through this page, we can access other pages, and it is considered the interface of the electronic platform.

A number of hyperlinks.

meant; Links that lead you from one page to another page.

  • Navigation bar.

This bar is present on all pages of the website, which provides the advantage of moving through the pages quite easily.

  • Footer

It is located at the bottom of the page and contains website information such as "Privacy Policy, Contact Us page, Disclaimer page, and other" information related to the website.

Well, after I was able to learn information about the "components of the website ", we now move on to the most important advantages of creating a website. 

Advantages of creating a website

The best way to communicate with the outside world.The possibility of displaying and selling products easily.
  • The possibility of relying on them to earn profits.
  • The possibility of being present 24 hours a day without any restrictions or conditions.
  • Low costs of creating a website.
  • Giving great confidence and credibility to companies and others.
  • Saving time and effort.
  • The best marketing method to sell products in the fastest time and at the most appropriate price.
  • The possibility of your company's reputation and the spread of your goods to a greater extent, which means an increase in production.
  • The website replaces your organization's identity.
  • The possibility of renewing products or services easily, without the need to print and distribute them or spend money on them.
  • The ability to answer various inquiries from customers.

These were the most prominent advantages of creating a website, which made websites very important.  

How to create a website on Google in very easy steps

The easiest way to create a website is provided to you, dear reader, in this paragraph, but there are important points that you should focus on. These points have been summarized by ThoughtCo, which is;

Providing web hosting service

What is meant by that; You are renting a place for your website on the web to contain the necessary files and resources on your website, so that these necessary resources and files are saved on the web server, so that visitors can access them with complete ease, and it is worth noting that the prices of these hostings vary based on the "how different The host and the features and services it provides”, and there is also a variety of hosting services for electronic platforms, which we offer you, dear reader, in a number of main points:

  • Shared web hosting.
  • Reseller web hosting.
  •  Virtual Private Server.
  • Dedicated Server.
  • Cloud based web hosting.
  • Colocation web hosting.

Registering a domain name for your website

Well, after you buy hosting for your website, you must buy a special “domain name” for your website, which often ranges between “8 to 35” dollars annually, and there are sites that sell domain names that make it easier for you to manage your website so that it is available Both the domain name and hosting service are on the same account.

Good website planning

Make a complete plan for your website, and be sure to "choose the type of website, create a site map known as "sitemap", specify the contents of the site, which in turn includes images, texts, video clips, etc.

Start designing the website

After you have completed the previous steps, you need to start designing your website based on the well-known design methods, in addition to programming the design in "javascript, html, and css" languages, and there are many other methods that you can rely on to design your website .

Publish the website

Now start publishing your website by uploading the necessary files and resources to the hosting service using the tools provided by the hosting itself, or you can rely on the file transfer protocol supported by the hosting service to publish your website on the Internet.

Resorting to electronic marketing of the website

It is known that the goal of creating a website is; Increasing profits and profits only comes with visits, in order to bring visits to your website, make funded ads for your website, or rely on free promotional methods; Like posting on social media sites.

Carry out website maintenance

Ensure the integrity of your website structure, and check it carefully, and it is preferable to update it continuously to keep pace with the latest developments such as: support for web browsers, support for electronic devices, in addition to continuing to add appropriate content to attract visitors.

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