New Google updates for useful content

New Google Updates for useful content

What are Google updates for useful content?

Google announced a major new update to its algorithm on Thursday, August 18th, and called it (the useful content update), as this update allows Google to distinguish between mainly written content that is primarily to satisfy the Google search engine with useful content. The company posted a statement on its blog titled "What Creators Should Know About Google's New Helpful Content Update ," accompanied by a report on the company's developer department titled "Creators Should Know about Google's Helpful Content Update." , which illustrates the parameters of this update, it is worth mentioning! It will start updating in English searches on August 22, in the United States, and then globally, the update will begin in other languages, including English. 

New Google updates for useful content
New Google updates for useful content.

What do we mean by updating Google useful content?

What is meant by that; That Google will launch the "useful content" update in all search systems, with the aim of rewarding electronic platforms that are keen to provide useful content, which is represented in high-quality pages, for the purpose of benefiting the user and the reader, and while the appearance of these electronic platforms on the Google search engine is improving, and from the most we can talk about! Websites with unhelpful content will be low-quality pages.

And we conclude from that that; This new update from Google will greatly affect useless/non-valuable content, and priority will be given to the first Google pages (for valuable and useful content for the searcher).

About Google's update of useful content

There are some notes about "new Google updates for useful content", which are;

  1. The update will be done automatically by the Google search engine, not manually.
  2. Valuable content will not be affected by this update, but rather useless content.
  3. The update will initially be in English, until this update is applied to all countries.

That is why make sure to write the useful content that the visitor is looking for, and stay away from paraphrasing programs in writing your content, because this method will harm your site!!

Top suggestions to take advantage of the useful content update

We will show you some important suggestions that you can follow, to take advantage of Google's update of useful content, which are;

  1. When you intend to take advantage of paraphrasing programs or content creation tools, you should humanize your article, and not rely on artificial intelligence alone, because it is possible that artificial intelligence technology cannot deliver information in the exact form that human intelligence can, so whenever the content is understandable to humans The more useful and valuable it is, the more priority it is to rank on the first pages of Google.
  2. You can rely on the ( GeneRank ) tool when writing content, because this tool contributes to pushing the content creator to write the content according to the leading keywords in the Google search engine, which makes the opportunity for publication greater.
  3. Stay away from copying the contents of other websites, and rely on your article writing skills, by monitoring competitors, and writing better content than their content.

Why did the Google search engine (individuals first) intend to update useful content?

We note that the goal of Google updating the useful content was; Giving full priority to the content that is written by individuals to individuals, not from individuals to search engines or keeping up with the trend, as (individuals / people content first) provides all the answers to the questions that the "researcher / visitor" is looking for, so that this content is saturated with information useful that the researcher wants, and an important point must be noted! The useful content is completely exclusive, and all traditional or copied content is not considered useful content, and it may be damaged after Google updates the useful content.

What is the right solution for low quality content on your website?

It should be noted that; Low-quality content may be damaged after Google updates useful content, and may or may not be leading in recent search results, so something must be done about it! You may be wondering: what can we do to raise the quality of low-quality content on the website? The answer is simply; You either permanently remove these contents from your website or reformulate and update these low-quality contents again, and it is better to add some changes and elements to the useless content on your website, and because the Google search engine continuously analyzes websites, it must From waiting several months after working on the useless content on your website, in order for Google to make sure that your website provides useful, non-tactical content.

How will you be sure that your content will succeed with the launch of the Useful Content Update?

Well, now you can find out if the content of your site is useful or not when Google launches the useful content update, so that you follow all the advice and instructions of Google, with the aim of creating content intended for the benefit of the researcher and the reader, and not for search engines or profit.

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