What are the basics of digital marketing?

What are the basics of digital Marketing?

Learn the basics of digital marketing

Digital promotion or e-marketing has become more popular and popular with individuals and companies, due to the distinctive services that digital marketing provides, from expanding the scope of commercial activity, increasing sales, ease of work, etc., and we note that at a time when the world was exposed to the Corona pandemic, companies had to create Its commercial activities are from electronic platforms.

 What was the reason for obtaining millions of dollars, and because the relationship between electronic stores and digital marketing is a (complementary) relationship, we note that it is necessary to learn the basics of digital marketing, to obtain standard profits, so if you, dear reader, know (the basics of digital marketing), then you should read this article Focus! Because we have provided you with all the information that will help you learn the basics of digital marketing.

What are the basics of digital marketing?
What are the basics of digital marketing?

What is meant by digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is ; Promoting services, products, goods, and others via the Internet and electronic media, so that digital marketing can be considered a "comprehensive definition" of all modern promotional strategies, which aim to reach the largest base of potential customers via the Internet and smart phones, in addition to promotion via social media.

The importance of e-marketing in the modern era

Digital marketing is very important in the modern era, especially since companies rely on this modern method to promote their products in order to obtain the largest number of sales . Access to the world of the Internet and start your activity in e-commerce. 

  1. Brand promotion.
  2. Expansion of the geographical scope of commercial projects.
  3. Increase in the number of sales and achieve profits.
  4. Good targeting of potential customers.
  5. The possibility of tracking the performance of the business project.

After you have learned about the importance of digital marketing, you must know the basics of digital marketing, which we will summarize for you in a number of important points in the next paragraph.

Digital marketing rules

  • Google search engine optimization

According to (Hobspot) there are approximately 81% of online shoppers who search for their requirements on the search engine Google or Bing and others, and the meaning of that; One of the most important rules of digital marketing is "the appearance of your online store" on the first pages of the search engines, so that the consumer customer can browse your products to be sold, and for your online store to appear in the first search results of the search engines. "You must improve the internal and external seo of your website" so that The chance to lead becomes higher.

It is worth mentioning! There are many basic conditions that the Google search engine depends on in order for your website to appear on the first pages of it, as these conditions are;

  1. Your website must be secure (HTTPS).
  2. Your website should be compatible with mobile phones.
  3. The speed of loading your online store or web pages.
  4. Building a set of backlinks.
  5. The content should be exclusive and of high quality.
  6. The content is long.
  7. The images must be of high quality.

  • Website design

Your website reflects the style of your "brand", so be sure to design a website that can attract the eyes of consumers, so that you choose beautiful colors and attractive designs, in addition to writing content that is able to draw attention, and there is something that must be mentioned ! That whenever your website has a fast response (CMS), which is a (content management system), and to do that, you must deal with a skilled web developer who speeds up your website.

  • Social media ads

It is known that the soil of social networking sites is fertile, so that social networking platforms have a huge number of active followers, who interact with the various activities displayed on their smart screens, so you should seize the opportunity and throw marketing arrows for your products / services on social networking sites, because you are doing so You guarantee yourself 90% of selling your products and making profits.

  • Social media management

Social media management allows you to manage all your social profiles on one main system, besides that, social media management handles your incoming and outgoing interactions over the internet, in the best way. 

  • Pay-per-click ads

By (PPC) we mean a type of advertisement that is used to attract visitors to your website, based on (search ads) that you pay for when someone clicks on it, and it is worth noting that about (64.6%) of website users click on Google Ads, when they surf the web to buy something.

  • Email Marketing

Most companies still rely on the (e-mail) marketing system, but have you ever wondered why that is? The answer is because:

Because digital marketing via e-mail generates about (38) dollars on average, for every one dollar spent.

The majority of people in the world use e-mail in many of their different activities, so e-mail marketing is an excellent idea and results in the required profit.

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