What are global search engines? And what are the most famous of them?

What are global search engines? And what are the most famous of them?

Learn about global search engines

Do you rely on search engines in your scientific research? Have you ever invented something based on search engines? Well, one last question, "Do you think that search engines are one engine?? Dear reader, if your concept of search engines is "Google" alone, then you are completely wrong, as there are multiple search engines and each has its own advantages, and in this article, dear reader We will present to you an article entitled " What are global search engines ?" And what are the most famous of them? To learn about the full types and advantages of search engines.  

What are global search engines?  And what are the most famous of them?

Before addressing the types of search engines, we must first know what are the search engines in the first place?? 

Definition of search engines

By search engines , we mean that:  a computer program designed to help  find documents stored on the World Wide Web or on a personal computer, and its abbreviation in English is: SERPs, and the information provided may be a collection of web pages, images, and any kind Another of files, as some engines scrape data into databases or web site directories, unlike web site directories which are only maintained by human editors search engines pass through algorithms running the internet on a crawler to maintain real time information.

We can say about search engines that it is : a service or a system that allows users of websites to obtain information by typing in the keyword that is related to the content they want to obtain, then a list of search results appears, which is called the term "search results page" .

For this paragraph, the meaning of "search engines" has been abbreviated in a simple way. Now we move on to knowing the types of search engines.

How search engines work

  • Search engines store information in a lot of web pages which they get through the crawler "spider", this spider starts the indexing process, and it's worth mentioning! That search engine site owners can restore certain pages through "Robots Text" and what is meant by it; Exclusion of the bots protocol, as the purpose of its use is to "exclude websites that are harmful or contain obscene content."
  • After the search engine obtains information from the web, it analyzes it page by page, with the aim of re-indexing it, and then storing this data in the database of web pages, so that this data can be used when querying it. 
  • When the user inquires about a topic based on "keywords", the search engines study this keyword well and then display the results for him.

The most popular search engines

Search engines, as we mentioned earlier, are multiple, and each has its own tasks. Some of these engines are known in the Arab world and are among the best search engines, some of which we will show you, dear reader.

  • The global search engine "Google"

It is considered one of the most widely used and popular search engines around the world, and this global engine was designed by Google itself, with a market share of about 92.16%. It is worth noting that the Google search engine deals with 5.4 billion searches on a daily basis.

  • Bing, the global search engine.

This engine was previously called "Bing webmaster center", which was considered to hide a free part of the "microsoft bing" search engine, as its task is to crawl websites via crawler to the Bing index.

  • Yahoo global search engine

It is considered the third largest search engine in the country of America, as its task is to send queries to the search indexes. The number of search interfaces in the Yahoo search engine has reached 38 of the global markets in multiple languages.

  • Yandex global search engine

This engine is owned by a Russian company called "Yandex". One of the advantages of this search is "parallel search submission". This engine is also characterized by its high speed of response at work time.

  • Baidu global search engine

Considered in the Alexa Internet Rankings as the "third largest" website, it has many services, including "mapping services, and search in Chinese."

  • The global search engine "the first AOL"

It is one of the best search engines and is a global company based in New York City, USA. It provides many services such as "providing AOL ads".

  • Excite global search engine

It is considered one of the most famous search engines in the world, but it is not widely spread, and it provides a variety of services, the most important of which is the "e-mail service".

  • DuckDuckGo search engine

This search engine is famous for its ability to maintain privacy and is among the most popular search engines in the world.

These were some of the types of search engines that many website pioneers rely on to search for the various fields that they want to obtain information about, and that you, dear reader, can also rely on when you want to search for the things you want.

Thus, we have come to the end of our article, which was about "what are global search engines? And what are the most famous of them?" We hope you liked it, dear reader.

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