The best and fastest public DNS servers for users and solve the problem of not opening sites in your country

The best and fastest public DNS servers for users and solve the problem of not opening sites in your Country

The five fastest public DNS servers for users

DNS servers are an acronym for  Domain  Name  System . We all know that the presence of servers is a necessary thing in Internet networking technology. Where these servers do. By converting the addresses and names of websites that are in the form of IP. To the ranges through which the sites are connected.

The best and fastest DNS servers
The best and fastest public DNS servers for users and solve the problem of not opening sites in your country.

Where the Internet relies heavily on servers that are then used by users who want to access certain sites. Where a large number of DNS information includes on servers and information. Which need constant attention and maintenance in order to be able to work properly The Internet consists of many DNS servers spread around the worldToday we are going to discuss  the best and fastest DNS servers .

The most important and fastest existing DNS servers now

There are many unified servers in the technical systems of the Internet. which works properly and continuously. But now we will mention to you the most important of these servers, which are as follows.
  1. Quad9 server.
  2. Google Public DNS Server.
  3. Cloudfalre (
  4. OpenDNS.
  5. The best DNS server for gaming.
These were the  most important and fastest DNS servers  that are now in the Internet systems. which Internet users benefit from. We will explain each one of it in detail, please stay with us.

Quad9 server

Quad9 server is  a DNS server  that is characterized by high speed and security, as it blocks malicious websites that may contain viruses and malware. It also relies on DNSSEC protection systems. It is also fast to respond and supports many different languages ​​and systems.

Quad9 is very similar to the DND server and its IP address is . The DNS service was worked on and developed with the help and cooperation of IBM, Packet Clearing and the Global Cuber Alliance. We can also use the Quad9 server by  changing the DNS server settings  on a computer or mobile phone .

Quad9 provides service availability to all public servers that are available with IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and works with them as well. It also supports DNS with HTTPS (DoH) security. It also supports TLS(DOT). As for Quad9's DNS address, it is DNS Server Addre, it is Katli.
The primary and alternate address for IPv4 👇.

Secured  - .

Unsecured  - .

My primary and alternate address is IPv6 👇.

Primary address:  2620:fe::fe .

Alternative address:  2620:fe::9.

Thus, any of these codes can be used to configure a DNS connection with the Quad9 server .

Features provided by Quad9 serverc

  • Quad9 continuously updates data and systems provided by users and vendors.
  • Quad9 supports DNSCrypt, which encrypts all communications between users' external devices and the DNS server to prevent potential MITM attacks.
  • Quad9 allows public DNS servers that use and contain both Ipv4 and Ipv6 addresses.
  • Quad9 provides full DNS support through the security feature of HTTPS (DOH) and DNS over TLS (DoT). 

Google Public DNS Server  

Google's Goggle Public DNS server is one of the most popular servers among users. Google Public  DNS server. It is characterized by high speed and excellent performance. It also provides the fastest DNS service in the world. It is characterized by security and encryption to protect user data and not to record any information about them.
It also features the ability to block websites harmful to viruses and malware. Goggle DNS servers handle more than a trillion DNS queries from users throughout the day. Goggle public DND secure systems over HTTPS(DOH), DNS and TLS (DOT).
It also works with IPv4 and IPv6 systems. It also offers a high download speed. DNS Server Add. (Brimary) (Second) . (2 001 : 4860:4860) .

Cloudflare (

Cloudflare Cloudflare is a cloud service provided by Cloudflare, and it also provides DNS service without any charge. The service relies on distributing electronic content on a network of servers spread around the world, which helps reduce loading time and improve user experience. The service also provides protection from security incident attacks and various cyber threats, such as coordinated DDoS attacks. is the DNS server launched by Cloudflare. This server is used to improve the speed and security of Internet connection, as it is the fastest DNS server in the world, and it is characterized by providing DNS over HTTPS (DoH) service that works to protect communications from espionage and tampering. If you want to use server Here is the server link .

 Cloudflare's public DNS services are  provided for all Windows 10 and macOS operating systems. You can also configure Cloudflare DNS directly from its assigned IP address. It also supports DoH, DoT, and DNSSEC. Cloudflare has many advantages, such as that Cloudflare works with IPv4 and IPv6 systems. It also offers a high speed DNS Server Address. and (Secondary) and 2606:4700:4700:111.


OpenDNS is a DNS server operated by Cisco. OpenDNS is distinguished by providing additional services such as family protection, ad filtering, and protection from software and virus attacks. OpenDNS is used continuously by businesses, organizations, and homes to improve security and privacy on the Internet. Here are the most important features of OPenDNS server.
  1. Provides support for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
  2. Provides called DOH and does not provide DOT support.
  3. Also provides support for DNSCrypt.
It also offers a super fast DNS Server Address.
  1. (first) .
  2. (secondary)
  3. 2620:119:35:35:2620.

CleanBrowsing and its most important features

CleanBrowsing is a DNS server that aims to provide protection from malicious content on the Internet. CleanBrowsing features different filtering options, including ads, porn sites, and violent content. It can be used on various devices and platforms. It also supports DNS, DOT, DOH and DNSCrypt security service. It also separates the IP address resolver to provide safety away from children.

CleanBrowsing provides a unique application for computers. Compatible with Windows and macOS, one-click filters enable filters.

The most important feature of CleanBrowsing

  • CleanBrowsing protects families and children from harmful content on the Internet, and settings can be customized to suit family needs .
  • CleanBrowsing is fast and responsive, making surfing the web faster and smoother.
  • CleanBrowsing is very easy to use, as it can be easily activated on any device that uses DNS.
  • CleanBrowsing provides excellent technical support to users, and help can be obtained at any time.
  • CleanBrowsing is highly secure, as communication between the device and the server is encrypted, protecting personal data and sensitive information .

The best DNS server for gaming

You can use any DNS server to play games, but it is preferable to use DNS servers that provide high speed and security. Below are some of the DNS servers that can be used for gaming.
1. Cloudflare DNS:

2. Google DNS:

4. Quad9 DNS:

5. Comodo Secure

The DNS settings on your computer or router can be changed to use any of these servers. It should be noted that using a fast and secure DNS server does not necessarily guarantee better gaming performance, but it can help improve internet connection speed and improve security.

How do you switch DNS servers

You can switch DNS servers on your computer or smartphone by doing the following steps.
  • Open Network Settings on your computer or smartphone.
  • Look for the "Change network settings" or "Change Wi-Fi settings" option.
  • Choose the network for which you want to change the DNS server.
  • Go to the "Change DNS Settings" or "Change IP Settings" option.
  • Choose "Manually set DNS address".
  • Enter the address of the new DNS server you want to use.
  • Save changes and restart the device.
Free DNS servers addresses can be found on the Internet, DNS servers provided by your ISP or public DNS servers such as Google DNS ( )) or OpenDNS ( ) ( ) can be used.

How can we find our DNS server

You can find our DNS server by following and doing the following steps.
  1. Open Command Prompt on your computer.
  2. Type "ipconfig /all" and hit Enter.
  3. A list of all active connections on your computer will appear.
  4. Find "DNS Servers" in the list.
  5. You will find the DNS server IP address your computer is using.
You can also find your DNS server by calling your Internet Service Provider and asking which DNS server your computer is using.

The conclusion . 

Today we talked about the five most important working DNS servers that are available for free. We have explained everything related to DNS servers as well as their speed codes. In conclusion, I wish all website success and continued success.

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